About Rudi’s Mates

Through the Storm

Starting in the summer of 2004 Mark Rudiger became ill and eventually lost his life in the summer of 2008. Due to that illness, the economic and personal stress on him and our family was immense, but in the midst of all that pressure came the outstretched hands and hearts of our beloved sailing community. People from all over the world were there for us, providing emotional, practical and monetary support – giving us much needed breathing space to deal with the enormity of what lay ahead. Mark and I marveled at that power of love coming from all corners of the globe, and we discussed how some day we would pay it forward, how we didn’t know, but some path would present itself. Rudi’s Mates is that path for us.

While Mark was a well known sailing industry professional, there are so many others who work behind the scenes that need this community’s support, but do not have the same connections.  Rudi’s Mates brings the entire sailing community together in an organized endeavor to assist all who work in the industry.

At the Helm in the Route Forward

Rudi’s Mates has been created by the Rudiger family with much support from within the international sailing industry along with the great assistance of  the Marin Community Foundation, a public charity where Rudi’s Mates was established. The Marin Community Foundation is located in Novato, California and has been managing charity funds for 25 years. The foundation manages over one billion dollars in assets and is a philanthropic leader in the northern California region and nationally.  The Foundation is excited about having Rudi’s Mates as one of its funds, and we are fortunate to have their accounting and legal expertise to assist in making Rudi’s Mates as successful as it can be in helping people within the sailing industry.

Rudi’s Mates provides the access to the grants, and the Foundation handles all the financial administrative aspects of Rudi’s Mates, and because it is a public charity, donors to the fund receive maximum tax benefits.  The Foundation can accept a wide variety of gifts to support the work of Rudi’s Mates.

The Fund has a Grant Advisory Committee, and the current members are:

  • Lori Rudiger – Rudi’s Mates Director
  • Dave Ullman – Sailing Industry Business Owner
  • Francesco De Angelis – Professional Sailor
  • Gary Jobson – Professional Sailor, Author, Media Producer
  • Leslie DeMeuse-Disney – Sailing Sports Film Producer
  • Liz Linde – Philanthropic Advisor, Marin Community Foundation

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