Rudi’s Mates


Dedicated to Helping People in the
Sailing Industry in Times of Need

Mark Rudiger, as a premier sailing navigator, helped guide his mates through hundreds of thousands of ocean miles around the world to safety, and his navigational protection continues on through Rudi’s Mates: The Mark Rudiger Sailing Family Fund.

Rudi’s Mates is a charitable fund that provides financial assistance to anyone working full time in the international sailing industry that has experienced a personal tragedy that causes great loss of income and financial instability.  This website also acts as a communications center during those times of crisis.

Rudi’s Mates provides the following:

  • An established means to provide support when needed:  a tax deductable charitable fund to benefit sailing industry workers worldwide
  • A conduit to help provide direct emergency assistance through Lori Rudiger
  • A place for people who want to send their well wishes to the family in need

***We are just beginning this effort and are still initially funding while accepting applications and helping people, so please give today!!!***

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